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The Church of the Resurrection Sunday Morning Ministries

Below are various calendars & information for our Sunday morning Sunday Morning Ministries.

If you see something that is inaccurate, needs to be added or if you need to exchange dates with someone else for various assigned duties, please contact the church office.

Every 3rd Sunday of the month: Alms Sunday. We'll have envelopes in the bulletin available for you to donate to the Bountiful Food Pantry. Bring non-perishable itrems as well.

Don't forget to sign up for Sunday ministries - the signup sheet is in the hallway next to the Parish Hall. Have questions about any of those? Let us know!

Sunday Morning Ministries – August 2014

August 3

Altar Guild: Sunshine O'Meara, Scott Rampton
Greeter: Donna McShane
Usher: Jerry Thompson
Lay Assistant: Joyce Mitchell
Acolyte: Kaden Hansen, Chuck Allison
First Lesson: Henry Greaves
Psalm: Piper Greaves
Second Lesson: Karen Valentine
Prayers/People: Greg Putz
Vestry: Don McShane
Counters: Donna McShane, Neil Jones
Coffee: Jack & Linda Besselievre, Judy Kiel

August 10

Altar Guild: Sunshine O'Meara, Barb Finn
Greeter: Dodie Shepherd
Usher: Wim Ray
Lay Assistant: Joyce Mitchell
Acolyte: Skye Petersen, Dale Ann Petersen
First Lesson: Lynnae Ray
Psalm: Scott Petersen
Second Lesson: Lisa Jensen
Prayers/People: Nona Swenson
Vestry: Sunshine O'Meara
Counters: Paula Stephenson, Lynnae Ray
Coffee: Ray & Beverley Connolly, Valorie Calef

August 17

Altar Guild: Sunshine O'Meara, Joan Reid
Greeter: John O'Meara
Usher: Jerry Thompson
Lay Assistant: Jack Besselievre
First Lesson: Kaden Hansen
Second Lesson: David Parker
Prayers/People: Mary Anne Chesarek
Vestry: Denise Greaves
Counters: Sharon Jones, Judy Kiel
Coffee: Don & Donna McShane, Nona Swenson

August 24

Altar Guild: Barb Finn, Mary Anne Chesarek
Greeter: Valorie Calef
Lay Assistant: Greg Putz
Acolyte: Piper Greaves, Jack Besselievre
First Lesson: Henry Greaves
Second Lesson: Denise Greaves
Prayers/People: Linda Besselivre
Vestry: Greg Putz
Counters: Richard Chesarek, Neil Jones
Coffee: Lisa Jensen & Adrian Gustai, Wim & Lynnae Ray

August 31

Altar Guild: Barb Finn, Mary Anne Chesarek
Greeter: Dodie Shepherd
Usher: Jack Besselievre
Lay Assistant: Greg Putz
Acolyte: Scott Petersen, Chuck Allison
First Lesson: John Graham
Psalm: Skye Petersen
Second Lesson: Joyce Mitchell
Prayers/People: Chuck Stephenson
Vestry: Don McShane
Counters: Paula Stephenson, Donna McShane
Coffee: Jim & Karen Valentine, Neil & Sharon Jones